Partners HLS19

Partners from M-POHL member countries can become HLS19 Partners and typically participate with one policy and one research representative so that both perspectives can work together in preparing and implementing the survey and in using results to improve health literacy. For fulfilling the research part, a National Study Center (NSC) is contracted for conducting the HLS19 Project nationally, for providing a national report and representing the respective HLS19 member country at the HLS19 Research Assembly. For fulfilling the policy role in the HLS19 Project, the national Ministry of Health may send a member of their own staff or nominate a representative of another suitable institution for the HLS19 Policy Assembly. 

Currently 20 countries from the WHO-European Region are dedicated to implement HLS19. Of these, 14 have already confirmed their participation:

Confirmed HLS19 member countries:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Applicant HLS19  member countries:

Hungary, Israel, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine and UK.