About the EVPOP project

Health literacy has become a global priority for health promotion, disease prevention and for the quality and outcomes of healthcare. As health literacy is considered critical to achieving health and limited health literacy is still a widespread phenomenon, the topic is steadily gaining increasing interest among policy- and decision-maker.

To meet the growing demand of decision-makers, a policy guide was launched in 2023 to support policy- and decision-makers and administrators in implementing effective policies and actions to improve population health literacy on a national level. It is a product of M-POHL, initiated by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health together with WHO/Europe and the Austrian National Public Health Institute (Gesundheit Österreich GmbH).

For the 2024-2027 period, M-POHL’s efforts on evidence-based policies and practices will continue. Countries participating in this project will have the opportunity to present their national experiences in implementing health literacy interventions, to influence priority setting concerning the focus of evidence collecting and mapping on policies and interventions, and to learn from the experiences of the other participating countries. 


  • Currently (in 2024) the EVPOP consortium is established – information on participating countries will follow.  


The EVPOP project is coordinated by an International Coordination Centre (ICC) located at the Austrian National Public Health Institute (Gesundheit Österreich GmbH).

Core team of the International Coordination Centre (ICC) and their roles/responsibilities: 

  • Robert Griebler - Scientific Coordinator
  • Christa Straßmayr - M-POHL Coordination and Research
  • Angelika Schlacher - EVPOP Project Coordination and Research
  • Thomas Link - Statistics and Research
  • Denise Schütze - Statistics and Research
  • Fabian Saxinger - Research