Health Literacy Surveys (HLS)

WHO’s Health Literacy: The solid facts underlines the importance of regular comparative health literacy surveys in Europe. The Health Literacy Survey 2019-2021 (HLS19) was therefore the first project of M-POHL. Its aim was to measure population health literacy across the WHO European Region. 

To establish a regular monitoring of health literacy in the WHO European Region, M-POHL has committed to conduct health literacy surveys every five years. The next population health literacy survey, the Health Literacy Survey 2024-2026 (HLS24), will allow countries that already participated in HLS19 to compare with HLS24 results and new countries to initiate measuring population health literacy in their county. All countries in the WHO European Region are welcome to participate in HLS24, but also countries outside the WHO European Region can participate as associated partners. For more information see HLS24 and the HLS24 Factsheet.