Using the HLS19 instruments

Are you interested in using the HLS19 instruments?

An agreement for the use of the HLS19 instruments will be granted, if the following conditions are fulfilled:

  1. The use of the tool is non-commercial and in public interest.
  2. Any licensing by third parties is prohibited.
  3. The HLS19 Project must be acknowledged in any publication resulting from the use of the HLS19 instrument as ‘The HLS19 instrument used in this research was developed within “The European Health Literacy Population Survey 2019-2021 (HLS19)” of M-POHL’.
  4. The instruments have to be cited – citation suggestions are provided with the instruments.
  5. A PDF copy of publications resulting from the use of the HLS19 instrument must be provided to the ICC after publication.
  6. Any further translations of the instruments have to be provided to the ICC. The ICC and the HLS19 Consortium can use these translated versions for its further research. Any use of these versions is subject to the same rights and rules apply as to the original HLS19 instruments according to point 1 to 5. Furthermore, the new instruments can only be shared with others by a joint agreement between the ICC and the applicant. 

The HLS19 instruments are owned by the HLS19 Consortium. Any use of the HLS19 instruments requires a contractual agreement between the applicant and the HLS19 Consortium. For permission to use the English version of the instruments, the ICC will evaluate the application and decide whether to grant permission. For granting permission for translated versions the respective National Study Centre and the ICC will jointly evaluate the application and decide on giving permission. The use of the instruments is free of charge. A detailed overview of the available translations of the different HLS19 instruments can be found here: 

An application including a contractual agreement with the conditions for using the HLS19 instruments must be submitted. A template for the application and agreement can be found HERE.

Factsheets on the HLS19 instruments including information on psychometric properties can be found here.