Results & publications

In 2023 the policy guide “Health literacy policies – how can they be developed and implemented?” was developed. It is a product of M-POHL, initiated and sponsored by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health together with WHO/Europe and the Austrian National Public Health Institute.

The policy guide:

  • shares insights from currently existing health literacy policies, strategies and action plans Cover of the EVPOP Health Literacy Policy Guideas well as expert experiences and opinions that aim to inspire the development of national health literacy policies and actions in Europe and beyond. 
  • brings together insights from (1) existing literature on action plans and interventions, including an expert snowballing search within M-POHL and among other partners, (2) experience and good practices collected from the M-POHL members and other countries, and (3) feedback collected in webinars with policy- and decision-makers from M-POHL members and other countries;
  • supports policy- and decision-makers as well as public administrators in reflecting, initiating, developing and implementing effective measures to improve health literacy of the population and health literacy friendliness of health organizations and interventions.

The recording of the webinar on Dec 6 with policy- and decision-makers can be found HERE.

The guide “Health literacy policies – how can they be developed and implemented?” can be downloaded HERE.

Videos on national experiences:

We would like to invite countries to contribute to the knowledge transfer by sending a video sharing their national experiences on health literacy policy work and in implementing health interventions.


If you would like to contribute, please follow these steps:

  • Record your presentation, e.g. with zoom (max. 15 mins, please see an example from Austria above)
  • Send the final video to Angelika Schlacher (
  • A title page to your video including the logo of M-POHL, EVPOP, the country’s flag along with the presenter’s name will be added to the video by the ICC.
  • The video will be published on