Aims HLS19

The main aim of the HLS19 Project is the preparation of, and – as far as possible – the standardization, of an internationally comparative European survey of population health literacy that can also be taken up at regular intervals to report comparative trends over time.

Specific objectives of the HLS19 Project are to:

  • provide empirical data for evidence-based health literacy policies in the HLS19 member countries, other countries in M-POHL (with observer status) and the larger WHO-European region,
  • provide evidence for knowledge-based recommendations for health literacy interventions in the fields of health promotion, disease prevention and healthcare,
  • use the findings to inform policy-makers from different sectors and levels about the relevance of health literacy for their field of decision-making,
  • contribute to theoretical, conceptual and methodological developments in research on population health literacy in Europe,
  • contribute to the knowledge base on which factors and covariates explain variation in health literacy within and between countries,
  • disseminate findings to relevant stakeholders, e. g. policy-makers, researchers, healthcare staff, health promotion practitioners, non-governmental organizations and others as well as the wider public,
  • stimulate policies that build further capacities and provide resources for implementing measures to improve health literacy and researching health literacy and its effective implementation,
  • support M-POHL in becoming an international resource and expert group on population health literacy,
  • support M-POHL in developing future projects that improve the quality of population health literacy measurements in the WHO-European region.